Methods of radiocarbon dating

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All of these processes are carefully controlled at ORAU through our quality management system.The unit uses some thirty different pre-treatment methods for samples of different kinds and in different states of preservation.

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In many cases, the overall range is closer to 200 years and in some cases greater still.They are set up to measure the carbon and nitrogen compositions and stable isotope ratios.Precisions are usually better 0.1 to 0.2 per mil for δN.This is because carbon is such an abundant element in the environment and so contamination from material of a different age is always possible.For these reasons the methods employed at a radiocarbon lab must be rigorous, well tested and reproducible.This data can also provide useful information on food webs.

In the case of human bone, this can be important for the dating itself since some aquatic diets can affect radiocarbon dates significantly.The measurement of a radiocarbon date is a complex business and ORAU is involved in all stages of the process from advice given prior to submission of samples right through to help with statistical interpretation and publication.Radiocarbon measurements are difficult to make with good precision and accuracy.In borderline cases we will measure the radiocarbon but inform the submitter of the possible uncertainties.(See also the introduction to AMS) We have two purpose-built gas-collection systems, designed at ORAU, which semi-automate the collection of samples from continuous-flow combustion, and mix the samples with the correct quantities of hydrogen for conversion to graphite.At ORAU, measurements are always made in conjunction with six standards of known composition and two samples of known age.

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