Mayan calendar dating system

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Such an assumption indeed does possess merit, were the calendar devised – as many suspect - to harmonise various key astronomical cycles; given that during this early period in their civilisation (prior to the 1st century BC), the Maya were still actively engaged in refining the primary values (through astronomical observation) of the various celestial cycles upon which they sought to base their calendar.

Their Long Count calendar, which we'll learn about in more detail later, expires in 2012, leading some to believe that it coincides with an apocalyptic event.For the people of ancient Maya, calendars were just as important to daily life as they are to people today.The Mayans originated in a region called Mesoamerica, or Middle America.­Mesoamericans began writing during the mid-Pre-classic period.The Mayans were the first to keep any sort of historical record, and the beginnings of the calendar were born.The name given to this particular calendar is the Long Count.

Brought to light from the study of various stelae (carved stones) from the ruins of ancient and abandoned Mayan cities throughout the Yucatan peninsula during the early 20th century, the Long Count was found to be composed of an intricate set of interlocking time cycles, far more complex than those of the basic 52 year Venus calendar.The Mayans placed great value in recording their people's history.While they weren't the first civilization to ever use a calendar, they did devise four separate calendars that lasted for discrete time periods.For indeed, the earliest known stelae uncovered from excavations were found to date only to the 1st century BC, sometime much later.However, it was felt that the calendar system may have been in use in the preceding centuries in somewhat of a developmental stage before being ‘committed’ to stone.That being said, it is well to note though that Mayan inscriptions of the Venus calendar were invariably placed right beside carved inscriptions of various long count dates, on the very same stelae.

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