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The new millennium didn’t change too much for Maxwell, appearing in such film and TV titles as Harlan Moss in the film “Facing The Enemy” (2001), playing Jim Brodie in the TV series “Casualty” (2003-2004), and Tom in the 2006 film “Dog Lover’s Symphony”.By the end of the decade, Maxwell was also cast as Alex Mc Dowell in the film entitled “Nightmare City 2035” (2007), Sheriff Parker in the 2009 film “Dire Wolf”, and chosen to play Mark Wylde in the TV series “Emmerdale” (2009-2010), all of which contributed to his net worth.

Maxwell Caulfield is the son of Peter Newby and Oriole Rosalind, but divorced when he was six.“I’m convinced that we had past lives together—and not just one, either,” she says.“We were instantly such familiar friends, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t always known him.” Ensconced on the hills above Santa Barbara in a Spanish-style, four-bedroom house where they meditate and practice yoga, the couple claim to be unabashedly traditional.It will be the first time since their wedding they haven’t spent Valentine’s Day together.“We can’t have it our own way all the time,” Caulfield says.His next major role came in 1985, when he was selected to portray Miles Colby in the TV series “Dynasty” (1985-1986), and reprised in another TV series entitled “The Colbys” (1985-1987).

In the same year, he was cast as Roy Alston in the film “The Boys Next Door”, starring alongside Charlie Sheen, then guest-starred in a number of TV series, including “’Til We Meet Again” (1989) and “Beverly Hills, 90210” (1990).In the following year, he was chosen to play Alistair Smythe in the TV series “Spider-Man”, which lasted until 1998, concurrently being cast in such film titles as “Oblivion 2: Backlash” (1996) and “Divine Lovers” (1997) among others.In 2000, he won the role of Rafe Barrett in the TV series “Strip Mall”, which aired for a season, and all of these appearances increased his net worth by a large margin.After Grease 2, the films I’d been promised never materialised. They called it a May-December marriage, not just because actor Maxwell Caulfield had celebrated his 21st birthday only nine days before committing to his 39-year-old bride, actress Juliet Mills.To speak further about his career, Maxwell hasn’t been too active on the big screen as of mid-2017.

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