Matters of life and dating 2016

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Matters of life and dating 2016 - sql updating statistics

I'd say it's more about the size of a man's tongue, if you know what I'm sayin'.(Oral sex is KEY.)""As long as you can fill it and I mean decently feel it, then it doesn't matter that much.

Some people are just not physically compatible, but you won't know for sure until you try, right?

I then closed Slack and turned to open my group text messages, and I learned that there was shooting in Minnesota; this one just mere hours after Alton Sterling was gunned down in sheer daylight. I wanted to reach out and hug them for everything these men stood for; for all they were, and for all the things they will never get to be.

Philando Castile, who was with his girlfriend and a 4 year old child, was pulled over for a routine traffic violation, and he was also shot to death. My first thought was, Why are “we”, as Americans, killing our own with a frequency that is so violent, so unjust, so wrong?

The panic in his voice was so very real and true, and for one reason or another, he felt compelled to pull that trigger.

A small part of me wants to believe that if he had received the proper education and training; if someone had spent more time with him on understanding diversity, combatting hate and bias crimes, learning how to deal with repeat offenders in the community, etc., we would be seeing different outcomes. There are a lot of good police officers in the community doing fantastic jobs and for those individuals, I am grateful.

Since 1976, Family Life has led a biblical marriage movement that has helped over 2 million people like you strengthen their marriage and family relationships.

“I remember reading an article about the woman in that Oakland neighborhood who lost all her children to violence.

What are we doing to ensure police brutality and unjust killings don’t continue to happen?

The truth of it all is that “we”, as Americans, aren’t doing anything about it. This means that there is no person or agency or group of advisors that dictates what officers should and shouldn’t be learning when they are going through their initial training.

While the list of victims continues to grow, these families are still waiting for some type of justice to come their way.

We, as Americans, our killing our future; we’re destroying hope and faith, and most importantly, we don’t care we’re doing it. What happened to the oath of protecting and serving the people?

Why are we not investing tax payers’ dollars, these Black Lives’ tax dollars, into setting a training standard for every man, woman and person who chooses to put on a uniform to protect and serve in the United States of America?

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