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WEST ALLIS -- A 15-year-old runaway finds a world of violence in a garage in West Allis.Now, a 17-year-old boy is charged -- as an accused leader in a gang rape.

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He's accused of taking off the 15-year-old girl's clothes, and with the help of another boy, raping the girl. Wagner and the other boy then allegedly came back and did it again."Majority of the Marathi audience is normally emotional.They ensure that they are politically, socially and morally correct in public life."These kids we've had an eye on for awhile -- involved in many types of activity.When the names came up of who was involved, we can't say we were surprised at all," Johnson said.But there is another class which does not feel awkward laughing at adult jokes.

My show is for them." "My initial job is to attract the people to the theatre," says Dabke.

The idea of adult comedy clicked when Dabke was writing a few capsules for sister Aparna Shahane’s Internet channel "Web Talkies".

He used to write content which would take 20 minutes to read out, whereas, the need was for a mere five minutes.

The complaint indicates one of the boys put his hands around her neck and she couldn't breathe.

According to the complaint, the entire thing was recorded, and there were several videos of the incident. "The video had surfaced and we were able to capture the video.

"People are hesitant in watching an adult comedy show, but when they realise there is nothing vulgar and below the belt, they enjoy it." Dabke justifies his selection of comedy type. The phrase 'naughty at forty' has been derived from there.