Mandating electronic medical records

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Mandating electronic medical records - russian dating network

For the EHR to succeed, the transition must yield successful outcomes.

Comparative effectiveness, Computerization, data, EHR, electronic health record, electronic health records, health information technology, informatics, Meaningful Use, nurses, nursing documentation, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Stephanie Sheridan, Students, sustainability (3), Available at Currently 64% of health care facilities still use paper-based documentation; these units will have to convert to electronic health records in the near future or face penalties (Kelley, Brandon, & Docherty, 2011).“Electronic health record (EHR) is defined as the computer application that electronically stores individuals’ identifiable health data” (Layman, 2008, p. The EHR is supposed to benefit the patient’s overall health care outcomes from several different aspects such as improved quality care, reduced cost, and the resolution of medication errors (Linder, Ma, Bates, Middleton, & Stafford, 2007).HIT is necessary to support the management of the EHR system and it is also challenged with the responsibility of improving health care quality and reducing medical errors.HIT will aid the providers by reducing the workload and the paperwork (Jamal, Mckenzie, & Clark, 2009) The ONC is responsible for establishing the principles necessary to maintain the standards for HIT.The hospitals were required to have at least one CPOE medication entry order, and 80% of all patients over the age of 13 that smoked required documentation.

In the final plans the guidelines were not as stringent as initially proposed; the measures were only required by providers accepting Medicare and Medicaid (Madison & Stagger, 2011).

Other barriers to EHR are lack of training provided in educational programs.

In the United States there is minimal education of the EHR.

With this federal mandate for EHR, the government has mandated appropriate training for physicians and hospitals (Borycki, Armstrong, & Kushnirik, 2009).).

Appropriate training for the clinicians will be necessary to understand the EHR system.

The ONC has a plan to implement health information technology (HIT) nationwide in public and private sector (Thede & Sewell, 2010).

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