Luke bracey and leighton meester dating

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Luke bracey and leighton meester dating

Paparazzi wait outside her hotels just to snap a picture of a girl who just happened to be born rich and made attractive by that money.As she is so famous, I wondered how Grace, Emma and Meg had never heard of her before and made the connection that Grace resembles her.

They strike a deal to switch places and Grace and her friends find themselves on a jet to Monte Carlo while Cordelia slips off to do whatever.

Several ridiculous conveniences follow that allow the girls to stay in posh hotels and jet to the Mediterranean coast without anyone questioning them or making their luxurious vacation at all difficult.

Scott compared this to the old tale of the Prince and the Pauper and had this movie stayed truer to that, I would have better bought these shenanigans.

I am likewise not this film's target audience but even if I were, would I be able to forgive all of the wild coincidences and situations these three girls find themselves in?

Cordelia is akin to Paris Hilton, when she was the top media whore.

Frustrated with the entire vacation being a bust, the girls walk to their hotel in the rain.

Completely drenched, they decide to stop at a random hotel to clean off.

Although thankfully the film avoids any kind of "fashion show" type scene. This undercuts whatever tension there might be, but when a movie is this light and fluffy, you're not really watching it for the intrigue.

Each of the girl's meets a boy on the trip, with one of them even being a prince. The plot also depends rather heavily on coincidence.

Also coming along, at the insistence of Grace's parents, is Meg, Grace's older step-sister.

Emma is a bit free spirited while Meg is more serious, having never really recovered from the death of her mother.

Basically, this is one of those movies where you'll be able to tell if you'll like it based purely on the previews.

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