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They're not like the Angelina Jolies, the Jennifer Lawrences or the Nicole Kidmans who grace the red carpets at events like the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes.They're just normal people, trying to support their partners during the AFL's yearly awards ceremony.

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For one thing, Jane Eyre isn't my favorite story, and plus the PG-13 rating put me off (mostly because I thought, "What on earth could they put in there for a PG-13 rating? I hadn't heard great things about this adaptation, but I hadn't heard anything really bad either (in other words, I hadn't heard of people absolutely raving about it, but I didn't hear much of anything bad either).THE thing you need to remember about the Brownlow is that these women are normal - just like you and me.Well, except for the fact that they're either dating or married to some rather hunky football players (in this case, AFL players).Would she have even believed that he was even interested in Blanche Ingram?And besides that, he wasn't gruff and rude like Mr.The way this version of Jane Eyre is told isn't linear like how the story is usually told.

The film starts with Jane fleeing Thornfield and being taken in by the Rivers family with most of the story told through flashbacks.I neither loved or hated this way of telling the story, but it was a unique way of telling the story.I think the film's biggest problem was the time constraint. I was a bit curious about the "new" version of Jane Eyre for some time, but I didn't really want to go out and buy it or rent it.With this being my fourth version of Jane Eyre that I've seen all the way through and having read the book years ago, I'm fairly familiar with the story line and did have some preconceived notions on how the story should pan out. Synopsis After nearly collapsing, Jane Eyre (assuming the name Jane Elliot) is taken in by the Rivers family and nursed back to health.Granted, some films tell the story in two hours and still do a decent job of it, but in this movie everything felt rushed. Rochester went by very quickly and it felt like there wasn't enough time to fully develop the story.

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    Unfortunately, the sparks flying between the two combusted in 2009, when Kelis -- seven months pregnant with the couple's son, Knight -- filed for divorce after four years of marriage. The singer tweeted in March 2014 that he'll spend his life "trying to better myself to get back to" his ex Hilary Duff, calling her "the love of (my) life." Duff and Carter dated as teens on and off from 2001 to 2003, and just the thought of them reuniting makes us nostalgic.