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While the immediate impact might be humiliation and/or physical pain, young people who experience abuse are more likely to be in physical fights or bring weapons to school.

I had friends but they were all straight and having relationships.So the behaviors I'd already displayed at home just continued in a different city, with much less parental supervision.I made one gay friend, who I'm actually close to now.Even though I've got so many positive things in my life—a great career, great friends, a nice boyfriend—it's always at the back of my mind.The school where I teach has a partnership with an LGBT charity, so I've done work with kids and sexuality and equality.During this time, I had a brief dalliance with bulimia.

All that happened was I would take a lot of laxatives, and then experience a great deal of pain.

I used alcohol for a number of reasons, but it was mainly so I could feel comfortable enough to go out and speak to people, and switch off everything going on in my head.

I think I drank so I could switch off the loneliness.

Madonna once sang, "I found myself in crowded rooms, feeling so alone," a sentiment many LGBTQ people can relate to.

Indeed, artist Richard Dodwell has recently published an anthology book, One person who knows loneliness well is Craig, 33, a school teacher who lives in London.

This sense of isolation can be hard to shake off, and it's also easily triggered.