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Living at home dating - what age dating

On the one had, my friend said I should concentrate on moving out first before trying to find someone that way it'll be much easier since they are attracted to people living out on their own, and then on the other hand a fellow coworker of mine said it really shouldn't matter because if they truly like/love you, they can overlook that though the odds are usually not that favorable.someone should prove to themselves that yes they can make it on their own.It's been a real struggle but I wouldn't turn back for anything.

If a woman would refuse a date with me because of that, well, her loss. You are smart to stay at home if your job doesn't support a good lifestyle yet. What I would think about working on if I were you was make sure I am working at least one full time job, or two part time if you have to, and take advantage of your parents generosity by saving up some cash.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Now he did live at my grandma's house for a good number of years, but he wasn't complacent and wasn't always depending on her for everything. It took him awhile, but he had himself a few degrees from college, finished his military service, and was looking for the right job.It did take awhile to find the right one he was looking for and he was still living with my grandma, but he was also DATING too and found the right woman to be with.He did go back to college however and did get a master's degree in physics and I believe even taught physics for a little bit, but somwhere along the way he just seemed to lose his will of trying to make it on his own. If I have a job and an apartment, I expect the same in a guy I date and I appologise if this makes me sound shallow and mean.

He's one of 6 children in his family, but of the 6 he is the only who has not moved out on his own or has a family. Someone who although hasn't left the nest yet even at a certain age, but has goals and is working towards that, however long it may be, or someone who hasn't left the nest and makes NO EFFORT to do it with no job or to better themselves and completely depend on someone else? it's more than very fine to be living at do everything else it's sort of just the same as living with any family..(bar the lack of rent money) but that's's ont like you're relying on them for everything and can't do it on your own.only thing that is stoppping you is a bit of money not your inability to handle life on your own. I agree with the lady in a previous post: concentrate on getting yourself a job and a place to live rather than a girlfriend. No girl gets hot and bothered when a guy says "Wanna go back to my parent's house and make out?

I'm sure you will here from someone that has moved out at a much earlier age than you. This is only my perspective as I don't tend to run into people my age that are living at home (and that's a good thing! So, I would say that at your age some people might consider it a little late to be achieving the goals that maybe should have been set 5 yrs ago.

I realize it depends on where you live, how expensive housing is and such, but people want to meet acheivers and not just goal setters. If someone takes the time to know you well, they will find out what kind of person you are.

OP I would instead of concentrating hard on the relationship concentrate harder on the full time employment and career.

Also another seemingly more acceptable option is to move in with have a group of 2 or 3 guy friends in similar situations..are employed and find a place with cheep rent. But do you.groceries, do your laundry, pay you cable/phone, rent..those things yep it sucks lol but its also real life and finding out you can hack it at real life with out mom and dad is an awesome feeling.kerrymh, yes I actually do buy my own groceries, do my own laundry, pay for my own car etc..only thing I don't pay for is rent.

It's one thing to live at home with your parents, not having a job, completely depending on them, and not doing anything to try and make it out on your own, and another thing to live at home with parents, but not having to depend on them for everything, having your own job, paying your own bills, and working towards making it out on your own, but making sure that you have the resources and right time to move out so that you don't crash and burn like so many people do when they feel they have to move out on their own as soon as possible like directly out of highschool.

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