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I think we’ll just continue to make music and express ourselves.Sometimes we feel more approachable, sometimes we don’t.

From what I remember, frontman, Charles Mc Sorley was wearing a bright orange suit (think Jim Carrey’s famous suit from ), their drummer, Billy Fielding wore a bowler hat with a big yellow sunflower on top, and bassist, Jake Lees was wearing oversized, bug-eyed sunglasses.

We wouldn’t change it for the world, we’ve heard the sounds of Liverpool, Manchester, and London over the years, now it’s Bradford’s turn! You’ve released two EPs and several singles, the most recent being “Lookin’ Outta My Window.” Will there be more singles or EPs that come out before you start thinking about your debut album?

You guys obviously care a lot about fashion and the visual aspect of music. Yeah, we will always be releasing music until the album comes out, whether it be in single format or spontaneous videos uploaded to Facebook and what not.

One of the reasons I loved the show so much was that the band are big on backing vocals, so the whole gig felt like a huge, fun sing-along.

Fling gave off so much pure energy, spontaneity, and happiness and it only made their already catchy songs so much more contagious.

I don’t think anyone left that gig without a big smile on their face.

Fling are Charles Mc Sorley (lead vocals), Jack Winn (guitar, vocals), Jake Lees (bass, vocals), Billy Fielding (drums, backing vocals), and Sam Malynowsky (keyboards).

It’s obviously a lot of fun to play live and you do learn a lot.

I wouldn’t say we preferred it to writing and recording.

“Lookin’ Outta My Window” sounds a lot more approachable than some of your other, more experimental stuff.

Does it signal a new change in sound for the band or will fans still get to hear the more oddball sound of some of your other tracks?

Do you think being from Bradford informed your sound in any way or would you sound the same regardless of where you’re from?

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