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Girls in Tech Tel Aviv – School of Shine – School of Shine is a women’s community dedicated to inspiring happiness from within.School of Shine hosts unique events and offers proven tools to help women infuse more positive habits into their daily lives.

No one is too small, too big, too thin, too fat or too anything to play rugby!

Events include walking groups, Coffee, Kegels and Conversation meetups, and more.

Tel Aviv Ladies Social Club – This is a group for the girls of Tel Aviv and surrounding areas A gathering space for anyone who wishes to open up, connect and love. They regularly host workshops, movies, conferences, parties, shows and other events that aims to promote love through patience and giving.

Tel Aviv Co-Ed Football and Beer Club – Looking to meet cool new people?

Every Saturday this cool club meet for a kick about on Charles Clore Park (also Tuesday and Thursdays at Maze 11). Inter Aliyah Club – Inter Aliyah Football Club was created to serve as a continuous bond between the diaspora community and the State of Israel.

Training is twice a week (Sun & Wed, -) at the TAU sports center.

Basketball Tel Aviv – People looking for Basketball games and players.Surfs are offered to the general public free of charge, and have no political or religious agenda.The only moving force behind Book Surfing is curiosity and the ability to listen to others.Currently at Liga Gimel (5th division) of the Israeli football league.Ghetton 5-a-side soccer league – A sport network with 1000 players in Italy and Israel.They are comprised of musicians and audience – people who love folk music.

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