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    These relationships ignited their imaginations and lifted their psyches to new levels of emotional intensity and feeling, much more than ordinary sexual pairings did.

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    With tracks like mega-hit ‘Heat Of The Moment’, ASIA helped to create the MTV phenomenon.

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    w=535&h=754 535w, w=106&h=150 106w, w=213&h=300 213w," sizes="(max-width: 535px) 100vw, 535px" / Film ini ternyata diangkat dari sebuah novel karya Bret Easton Ellis berjudul sama dan dirilis tahun 1991, 9 tahun sebelum filmnya dirilis.

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    The musician did find some success as a solo star as For You I Will (Confidence) was released in February 2006 and reached number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100.