Liebert consolidating ups units

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Emerson technologies are also a critical part of a comprehensive program to increase the efficiency and reduce operating costs of IT facilities.Innovative Liebert power and cooling technologies can drive down energy costs while capacities increase.

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If it has a management port, Opengear can manage it.

Systems administrators and network managers now have one window to securely manage their entire power infrastructure — no matter where it is located or how it is connected.

Opengear’s power management is built on the Network UPS Tools and Power Man utilities.

Authorized users have secure outlet control to power on, power off, and power cycle at the managed device level.

Power metering and temperature monitoring are coupled with logging and alerts.

Precision Cooling For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert® DSE™ Precision Cooling System Industry-best efficiency. By using the Liebert DSE, you can ensure that your data center meets ASHRAE standards and position your organization as an industry-leader in environmentally friendly and cost-effective cooling.

This standard has even been adopted as energy code in most states.The company strengthened this division in 1983 with the acquisition of Franklin Electric subsidiary Programmed Power Corporation.The acquisition expanded the capabilities of the company’s power division to include the design and manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies.Emerson technologies are designed to help companies address and manage the continuous change that is occurring in technology systems.They enable a dynamic critical infrastructure that reduces the time and cost associated with growing, reconfiguring or consolidating IT systems and facilities.These trusted open source solutions are extensively deployed in major enterprise data centers around the world.