Latin dating introduction

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John-Mark is mentioned elsewhere in the biblical material: a. He was added to Paul and Barnabas’ party when they visited Jerusalem for the famine relief (Acts ) d.He was a Jewish Christian whose mother, Mary, owned a home in Jerusalem where the early church met (Acts ) b. He went with Barnabas and Saul (Paul) on the first missionary journey, but turned back to Jerusalem when they went inland to Asia at Perga in Pamphylia (Acts 13:5,13) e.

Jesus as Messiah is being portrayed as caring for his children--the disciples d.

Barclay calls Mark the closest thing we have to a biography of Jesus’ life (p. Jesus is constantly presented as one who speaks and acts meaningfully in the context of crisis.

This “present” aspect of the gospel (tenses, “immediately”, and miracles 2.

The usual discussion of date revolves around the synoptic problem and especially Marcan priority. Because Marcan priority is not a necessary prerequisite to the synoptic problem, either option is possible allowing for all of the synoptics to have been written before A. Mark’s subjects are related with unusual candor and vividness (Jesus’ hearers who are amazed, disciples who do not understand, Jesus who has emotions and compassion) G.

In view of the historical identification of Matthew, a possible plurality of sources used by all of the synoptic writers, and the Jewish need for Matthew, it is possible that Matthew preceded the Gospel of Mark. There is a dominate movement of Jesus toward the cross.

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The vividness and detail suggest reminiscences of a close eyewitness such as Peter (-20,29-31,35-38; -24,35-43; ,53-54; -15; ,46; -42) b. It is possible that the statements are not contradictory: a. Mark uses detail in his narrative to heighten the sense of being there (names, pillow in the boat, wild beasts in the wilderness, nicknaming of James and John, etc.) 6.

The use of Peter’s words and deeds (,32-33; 9:5-6; -30; -31,66-72) c. Perhaps Mark began his gospel before Peter’s death, and completed it after Peter’s death b. Mark puts his readers in the scene where they may visualize and feel what the evangelist has described: especially by making parenthetical statements (; , etc.) C. Mark emphasizes Jesus’ action more than his teaching (18 miracles, and 4 parables).

Luke may possibly have developed John Mark in the book of Acts not only for literary reasons within the book, but because he was a source which Luke used 4. The tone and message of the Gospel are encouraging to Roman believers who were encountering persecution and expecting more (-38; ; 13:9-13) 9.

There is evidence in Mark that it was written for Gentiles (perhaps from Rome): a. Mark interprets Hebrew (Aramaic) words (; ,34; ) c. There is evidence that the writer was from Palestine: a. Mark assumes that his readers are familiar with the main characters, so he writes with more of a theological interest rather than a biological interest 10.

To demonstrate how to be a disciple to Christians in Rome: a.