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My patience had already worn short and I snapped at her to remove the pickle from my plate and apologize immediately.She burst in tears, stormed out to the parking lot for maybe 3mins (while I tried not to make eye contact with any of the other patrons), and then came back to the table completely red in her now furious, post-sobbing face (pickle still sitting atop my pancakes, no apology offered).

I'm not sure who finally broke up with who as there had been dozens of tentative/trial break-ups--it was simply like I slowly came to the decision, without knowing it, to sever any contact with her once and for all as she drifted away into another relationship and out of my life forever.Note that none of what I mentioned is all that specific to somebody being born and raised in Korea--I certainly have no bad opinions of Korean ladies just because I had rather unfortunate luck with one particular individual a long time ago.There's plenty of ladies out there of any descent who might act out the same way and have similar emotional/self-esteem issues.She had already been in the US for about a decade and finished high school here.Nonetheless, she still considered herself defiantly ' FOB'. Register in seconds to find new friends, share photos, live chat and be part of a great community!

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A constant criticism from her was my incessant clowning around--too American and too irreverent I was told.

So that's a little, anecdotal glimpse into my ill-fated relationship with a young lady of Korean descent.

She was extremely manipulative (which I allowed to spiral out of control).

The primary emotions she expressed towards me were outright contempt alternating with nagging neediness. She was kind of a mess at home (clothes everywhere), and I for some reason thought this endearing.

And of course right then the little high-school age server comes round the corner to our booth trying to hustle is tip with a cheerily oblivious: "Alright, and how we doing tonight folks!? That was one ridiculous fight...indicative of many.