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So, the argument will continue on hopefully into — I don't know what — we'll wait and see.— Jim Henson, August 1984 Miss Piggy seems to have come to peace with the claims, as of 2014.Discussing the fact she had brought in a real minister, she claimed that "unfortunately he had been defrocked.

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Kermit says - and will continue to say - on interviews and such, "I'm just an actor and when two actors marry on stage, they're only acting." But Miss Piggy continues to bring in this minister as evidence that they're really married.And since adultery constitutes a grave moral evil, a Catholic who is living in this situation is not permitted to receive the Eucharist.To quote the Catechism yet again, “The sexual act must take place exclusively within marriage.A person in this situation cannot remarry in the Catholic Church; he is impeded from doing so because he is already married to someone else (c.Consequently, if a Catholic remarry under these circumstances, he necessarily does so outside the Catholic Church, either in a non-Catholic religious ceremony, or in a civil proceeding (before a justice of the peace, for example).Chances of it actually becoming an Official Couple (and evolving into a mixed marriage) are increased if the nonhuman has a human form.

Although there is an element of Squick amongst a certain number of audience members, most people accept it in cases where there are couple seen to be of different species.

This is entirely in keeping with the Catechism’s teaching that “anyone conscious of a grave sin must receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before coming to Communion” (1385).

Therefore one can and certainly does encounter sincerely devout, practicing Catholics who happen to be divorced.

It's going to happen one day." However, the following year, just prior to the premiere of their return to television, the pair announced at a press conference (in a fashion very similar to a proposed marketing campaign from 1990) that they'd be ending their relationship.

A romance, sexual or otherwise, between two different species.

It's all nonsense, of course, but all of us have dreams, so why shouldn't Piggy?

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