Kenyan sex hookup

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Kenyan sex hookup

"We both get something we want - where's the negative?

"It's not evil," said Jake Grieves-Cook, chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board, when asked about the practise of older rich women travelling for sex with young Kenyan men.Take a mother in Nyalenda in Kisumu who has allowed her 19-year-old daughter to have an affair with her married teacher in return for small benefits for both of them.According to a neighbor, the mother has her daughter on family planning, besides covering up for her to shield the truth from her father, a laborer in Busia."But it's certainly something we frown upon." Also, the health risks are stark in a country with an AIDS prevalence of 6.9 percent.Although condom use can only be guessed at, Julia Davidson, an academic at Nottingham University who writes on sex tourism, said that in the course of her research she had met women who shunned condoms -- finding them too "businesslike" for their exotic fantasies.“The teacher takes out the girl out on weekends and shops for the mother who has given consent to the relationship.

We got to know about it when the teacher’s wife confronted the mother and daughter, something that made the sponsor bundle his wife upcountry,” the neighbor spilled.

"It's about trying to make those guests feel as uncomfortable as possible ... We are 100 percent against anything illegal, such as prostitution.

But it's different with something like this - it's just unwholesome." These same beaches have long been notorious for attracting another type of sex tourists - those who abuse children.

They go dining at fine restaurants, then dancing, and back to expensive hotel rooms overlooking the coast.

"One type of sex tourist attracted the other," said one manager at a shorefront bar on Mombasa's Bamburi beach.

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