Keeping your options open dating

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Keeping your options open dating - updating fafsa

I was livid, telling him in no uncertain terms that I deserved better than that, that I was no one’s second choice.As I plod into my thirties, happily single, but with a dull desire to date only because it feels like something I should maybe start thinking about, the idea of having someone on the backburner seems to just make sense.

It’s the stuff of romantic comedies and the occasional real life success story, shared by a beaming friend at a bar over wine and mediocre bacon wrapped dates, her friends leaning in closer to hear, eyes widening as the narrative unfolds.

See, the great thing about dating multiple people or at least keeping your options open, is that it prevents you from investing too much of yourself to the wrong person and it gives you the ability to realistically assess the person (or people) that you’re seeing through direct comparison.

It’s actually FAR healthier than just closing yourself off to SEEING one person at a time.

When it comes to hearing people out on their dating issues, I try to be as open-minded as possible, but there is ONE circumstance where I have been known to LOSE my mind at my male and female friends: When they complain about being by someone they were seeing after their situation-ship did not materialize into a relationship.

If you DARE bring that BULLSH*T complaint to me, chances are I’m gonna go in on you for at least three to five minutes as a mandatory minimum.

These are activities that don’t necessarily disappear once you’re in a relationship, but when you’re single and happy, they are tiny moments to cherish just the same.

I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, too, and recognize its value.I’ve been in the relationships where Sundays are lazy days spent rolling around in bed and eating bagels and drinking coffee and lingering at the doorway to say goodbye. Keeping someone in your life “just in case” is a selfish act.I know how nice it is to have someone in the house that you can share your thoughts with, laugh about the weird thing the cat is doing, and dissect the entirely unbelievable and ridiculous plot on “Homeland.” It’s the contentedness of all of this that makes me think that a backburner relationship wouldn’t be so bad. Leading people on, toying with their emotions and keeping them in your back pocket so that you can stave off loneliness is selfish.Whenever I tell women that, they tend to believe that I’m saying they should HOE around and let their p*ssy be traded like Facebook stock, when that’s NOT what I’m saying at all.When I tell dudes that, they tend to believe that I’m telling them to stick to the PLAYER lifestyle and try to run through as much random nani as possible.A backburner relationship is simply keeping your options — all your options — completely open, and it’s something that every person does, whether they know it or not.

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