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Scorpio is not the forgiving type and any infidelity will never be forgotten by this sign, and any taking back after this happens will be to get revenge on Libra for his/her act. There is a strong mutual attraction between them, but this can lead to an explosion.This is a passionate rough connection and the marriage is not recommended. On the other hand, both are very jealous and stubborn.

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Scorpio and Aries love compatibility The sex can turn out to be either stimulating or useless.So, this affair is complete with problems, and marriage is possible only if both of them are very tolerant and intelligent people.Scorpio and Capricorn love compatibility This union means successful sexual mutual relationships.Note: not only Indians have many misconceptions about Kashmiris, even Kashmiris have many misconceptions about Indians.Some are: Overall, their language and food were the most difficult for me to adjust.Scorpio and Taurus love compatibility With a strong sexual urge, both will find much in common. The difference between these two is that Taurus wants to own a lover, like a valuable object, and Scorpio tries to possess in an emotional sense.

Taurus can be obstinate in his irritation and Scorpio can be dangerous if he/she is angry.The Scorpio's furious jealousy does not arise since the Cancer is devoted to the partner.The love will be growing, and this passionate connection can develop in a perfect marriage.The misconception that Kashmiris only marry Indians if they are not good looking or old, then let me tell you my husband is the most handsome man I've seen(and these are not just my views), and he's still in 20s!Neither is he from poor family nor from an unknown family.Scorpio and Libra love compatibility Scorpio is too jealous for the careless Libra.

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    When I arrived, reception told me to go to his room . I was incredibly naive and young and it did not cross my mind that this older, unattractive man would expect me to have any sexual interest in him.

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    200, which contain fragments of a Greek text similar to but not identical with that in the Coptic language, have also been found.

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