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Anns Catholic Church, the Christian Church and the Methodist Church. Anns and the Effingham Union Church, which was formed when the Presbyterians and Methodists united.


Most of these businesses have disappeared into the pages of history.

A few has endured but names and ownership over the years have changed.

Today you can still hear the merry go round music in August, attend the parade, meet friends on the fairground, see the 4-H projects including their livestock and eat at the 4-H Stand, the Union Church Stand and have ice cream at the Dairy Stand.

birthday the city had four churches, the Presbyterian, St.

Send your check to: The Newsleaf PO Box 209 Effingham, Ks.

66023 Visit our friends below: Atchison County Community Junior Senior High School congratulates the 2018 King and Queen of Courts, who were crowned Friday, February 2, 2018 during the basketball games against Sabetha HS.

Assisting with the crowning were the ACCHS Cheerleaders and Student Council members, and announcer, Mr. The start of the city of Effingham, according to Tolli Courtney who wrote The First Hundred Years of Effingham, was when Wm. The company was incorporated in 1859 and authorized to construct a railroad from Atchison to the western boundary of the territory in the direction of Pikes Peak. One of the major changes is that the trains chugging through town daily for over a hundred years ceased running.

Osborne, who had built the first hundred miles of Central Branch Railroad, first platted the city, April 4, 1868. The railroad had brought the early pioneers and settlers.

On the Main Street you will find the Atchison County Extension Office and the Post Office in the same place.

The library, which was established in 1927, was also on Main Street.

The meetings were so much fun they eventually evolved into yearly picnics in different towns with basket dinners and large parades.