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Joolsdating com

What a brilliant journey and thanks for everything you do babe.Top mum Top wife..." CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY "What a brilliant journey and thanks for everything you do babe," wrote Jamie Oliver alongside the Instagram photo He then revealed the hiding place of a gift to mark the special day, adding: "Ok to kick the day off one of your Anniversary presents is hanging above my sock draw!!

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After announcing their exciting news earlier this year, Jamie insisted he was "really pleased" to be expecting another child, and added to the : "I thought we'd have a couple of kids but that's about it.

In the @privatewhitevcbag I love you #jamieoliver xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

It seems Jamie picked up his wife's gift from Private White V. last week, when he was pictured stopping by the Mayfair shop.

Basically I do what I'm told but she's an amazing family maker and I just go with it." And, although Jamie would happy whatever the gender of their next baby, he joked that he wouldn't mind having another boy around the house.

He added: "A bit more testosterone would probably be a good thing, but do you know what, I'm just grateful for whatever I get if it's healthy and I mean that sincerely.

Jamie posted a snap of himself and Jools sitting in an open top car, with the TV chef striking his best model pose.

Jamie, 40, paid tribute to his other half in a sweet message, writing alongside the photo: "Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary @joolsoliver wow I can't believe it's been so long already.

As Christmas draws closer and closer, it would appear that near enough *everyone* has ditched the 9-5 in favour of hibernating indoors with a pair of jimmies.

Which is lovely and all, but we’d probably rather be doing it at Jools and Jamie Oliver‘s very fancy gaff.

A decade and a half has gone by since Jamie Oliver tied the knot with his wife Jools, but time gone in a blink of an eye for the married couple.

The lovebirds, who have four children together, took to Instagram to wish each other a happy anniversary and share some touching photographs.

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