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Richardson-Heron has said she doesn't judge people on the word they choose, but it does give her insight into how people package themselves.She tells Adam Bryant at The New York Times that she likes when people take time to ponder the question and answer thoughtfully.

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Fischodoer's, Bob instead finds himself in the middle of a cutthroat gingerbread-house-building competition with the host's raucous friends."If you're a 10, you might be too psychotic for us." The best candidates are the ones who know exactly who they are.That's why Dara Richardson-Heron, CEO of women's organization YWCA, always asks her candidates this question.Find out if 25-year-old children's performer Jamie Rahn, also known as Captain NBC, has enough grip strength and a fan base to get him through the course.Also, 26-year-old rookie and weatherman Joe Marovsky starts out through the course very quickly--but is he seasoned enough to finish?Hoot Suite CEO Ryan Holmes says his is: "What's your superpower … " "During her interview, I asked my current executive assistant what was her favorite animal.

She told me it was a duck, because ducks are calm on the surface and hustling like crazy getting things done under the surface," he told Haden.

"In business, creating a compelling narrative is invaluable for motivating a team, explaining strategic priorities in a way that's easy for others to understand, or communicating complex ideas to customers and prospects. I always look for somebody who's very comfortable admitting when something didn't work out." People always like to tell you about their successes, she explains, but they don't always want to tell you what didn't work out so well for them.

Successful senior-level leaders are good storytellers, and it's also a very useful skill early on in your career." Jaffe said he recognized the importance of storytelling early in his career while working at IBM. This seems like a ridiculous question to ask, but it's posed to every prospective employee at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, a national restaurant franchise.

Meanwhile, Linda and Teddy hope to spark some Christmas cheer in the neighbors by taking the kids caroling,""When Stan mistakes a CIA nuclear war drill for the real thing, he decides to move the family to a remote location in the mountains in order to survive the apocalypse; Roger decides to get married so that he can get a free blender.""After Cleveland and Lester get into a fight during Black History month, a judge orders them to work together on a float for a unity parade; Rallo tries to steal Lester's confederate flag, only to become trapped under Kendra's body.""The Port of New Orleans is the stage for an operation aimed at union extortion.

Billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson explains in his book "The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership," that he isn't a fan of the traditional job interview, reports Business Insider's Richard Feloni.

Lonne Jaffe, chief executive of software company Syncsort, said in a New York Times interview with Adam Bryant that he always wants to see how well a job candidate can tell a story.

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