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It is quite discouraging that it seems that the three teenage boys who were convicted of these crimes were railroaded essentially because they were outsiders, square pegs in the very round hole of West Memphis.

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She has to play a gamut of emotions from incomprehensible grief to doubt to fear to determination and strength.His friends Jason Baldwin (Meriwether) and Jessie Misskelley (Higgins) also fall under scrutiny.Misskelley is interrogated by the cops for 12 hours and eventually admits to being present at the crime.After all, there are two documentaries that have been made on the case – the multi-part Paradise Lost that first aired on HBO and brought the case to the attention of a national audience, and the more recent West Memphis Three.Will a dramatized account bring anything else to the discussion? The filmmakers painstakingly researched the case and wherever possible, used dialogue directly from court transcripts as well as from interviews by the police and media.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

The case of the West Memphis Three has gotten about as much notoriety as any criminal case since the OJ Simpson trial and with good reason – it is considered one of the most egregious cases of wrongful conviction in the history of our judicial system.

Stevie Branch (Jurgensmeyer) pedaled off from his house after school one beautiful spring day, admonished by his hard-working mom Pam Dobbs (Witherspoon) to be home by pm or face being grounded.

When he didn’t show by the time he was given, his mom got angry.

While I can’t really recommend these over the documentaries (particularly the three-part HBO set), I can recommend the performances here as worth the trouble to go and find this movie on VOD or in local theaters.

REASONS TO GO: Terrific performances by Firth, Witherspoon and much of the supporting cast. If you are familiar with the case or have seen one of the documentaries about it, you won’t learn anything new.

Ron Lax (Firth), a private investigator, isn’t so sure though and with moral objections to the death penalty (which was being sought), he decides to offer his services pro bono to the harried defense attorneys who gratefully accept.

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    The Cultural Center's Facebook page released a statement condemning the killings, and those who use the phrase 'Allahu Akbar' in the name of violence.'We're kind of shocked and surprised for what happened,' Ghazvini said. We offer condolences for the victims, we pray for the victims and their families.'Officials say it's too early to determine if the shooting were an act of terrorism, but they do not believe Muhammad had any accomplices.'What we know is that this was a random act of violence,' Dyer said.

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    He has ultimately drawn from the lessons of darker times to live a meaningful and engaged life and is today a father to his own son who he loves and protects.

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    Pomona College, Claremont, California, formerly an undisclosed location in/near Los Angeles, California; Peak, Earth Orbit; Malibu House, Malibu, California; Manhattan, New York City, New York; The Hostel, La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, California; The Hostel, Bronson Canyon, California; Hollywood, California When Karolina and the other children of the Pride witnessed their parents' murdering a girl as part of a ritual sacrifice, they ran away from home, determined to defy their evil legacy.