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The poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, a progenitor of Mussolini, and his thugs known as the Arditi seized control of Rijeka to thwart any peaceful negotiations concerning the disposition of Rijeka following World War I.

While the events in Croatia during World War II have been well-documented by experts in the field, especially within Croatia, this rich literature, dating from both Communist and post-Communist times, remains virtually unknown in the West.

As discussed further below, approximately 60,000 ethnic Croats, almost 1.5% of the pre-War population of Croats in the former Yugoslavia, died either while fighting with Partisan forces or at the hands of the German Nazis and Italian and other Fascists.

Sources of Anti-Fascism and Anti-Nazism in Croatia.

The roots of Anti-Fascism in Croatia date from the appearance of Fascism in neighboring Italy.

Fascist authorities banned the public use of Croatian in all forms.

They even prevented new born children to be registered with Croatian and other Slavic personal names. An estimated 100,000 Croats left Istria alone by the early 1930s while special Fascist tribunals sentenced many Croats to long prison terms even executed others (e.g., Vladimir Gortan).The plight of Istria, Rijeka and other areas annexed by Italy remained an issue close to the hearts of all Croatians during the inter-War period.The remainder of Croatia had in the meantime been placed within the borders of the new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later called Yugoslavia.While many Croats initially viewed the Serbs as brothers, the new state quickly came under Serb domination.The levers of power, headed by the monarch and the army, remained within the hands of the Serb ruling class.Radi's successor, Vladko Maek, continued his policies through the 1930s, a period marked by a royal dictatorship imposed by King Alexander.

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    Shortly after, the Civil War began when Confederate forces attacked the US Army's Fort Sumter. Due to Union measures such as the Confiscation Acts and Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the war effectively ended slavery, even before ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in December 1865 formally ended the legal institution throughout the United States.