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D., a clinical psychologist and associate professor at University of Connecticut's Department of Psychological Sciences."When you self-care it’s really about you recharging." Some people abstain from self-care for fear that their behavior would come across as selfish.


Personalize your desk with a plant, a framed photo of something that makes you smile, or set the mood with a tiny lamp.

And every so often, book a conference room for lunch with your coworkers to share pizza and a cake you buy for the sole reason of craving cake.

Work will still be there when your lunch break ends, but taking time to clear your head is crucial.

You've probably heard the term thrown around daily, but learning exactly what it means and why it's so essential will help to better practice it in the new year.

Self-care methods — personalized rituals that allow people to take a step back from this messy world to prioritize their well-being and preserve their mental health — differ for each individual and in each scenario, so there's really no right or wrong.

When your job gets too overwhelming or events in your personal life prevent or distract you from doing your best work in the office it's time to take a step back.

For inspiration, look no further than one of 2017's viral personal tales: the story of Olark CEO Ben Congleton advocating for his employee after learning she'd taken time off for mental health reasons.The only constant is that methods of self-care must benefit and focus on ."A lot of times people will say 'I spend time with my kids,' which is great and meaningful but that’s still taking care of somebody else," said Monnica Williams, Ph.After an October week from hell — when allegations against Harvey Weinstein first began to unravel, Donald Trump threatened to take aid away from Puerto Rico, women boycotted Twitter, and historic wildfires destroyed California — I splurged on a large Blue Raspberry Icee and sat alone in a p.m. I turned my phone all the way off, and over the course of the next two hours I ugly cried in the dark.Afterwards, I drove to a bookstore and spent .47.Monster Hunter World releases for Play Station 4 and Xbox One later this month, on January 26.