Ie dating and marriage in 2016

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Ie dating and marriage in 2016

Perhaps the largest effect of shifting this to strict liability, undesirable to some and the point of the exercise to others, is that there is no safe harbor.

It seems important only insofar as his weird description reveals something about him, insofar as it’s a sort of Freudian slip revealing deep-seated attitudes that he had otherwise managed to keep hidden. As somebody who personally ends any list of more than three items with “…

From his Art of the Deal, written in the late 1980s (ie long before he was campaigning): The person I hired to be my personal representative overseeing the construction, Barbara Res, was the first woman ever put in charge of a skyscraper in New York…I’d watched her in construction meetings, and what I liked was that she took no guff from anyone. And yet it’s turned out that I’ve hired a lot of women for top jobs, and they’ve been among my best people.

She was half the size of most of these bruising guys, but she wasn’t afraid to tell them off when she had to, and she knew how to get things done. Often, in fact, they are far more effective than the men around them.

Norma Foerderer, my executive assistant, is sweet and charming and very classy, but she’s steel underneath, and people who think she can be pushed around find out very quickly that they’re mistaken.

There have since been a bunch of news reports on how Trump was (according to the Washington Post) “ahead of his time in providing career advancement for women” and how “while some say he could be boorish, his companies nurtured and promoted women in an otherwise male-dominated industry”.

According to internal (ie hard-to-confirm) numbers, his organization is among the few that have more female than male executives.

Meanwhile, when I check out sites like Women Hold Up Signs With Donald Trump’s Most Sexist Quotes, the women are holding up signs with quotes like “A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10” (yes, he actually said that). But are we losing something when we act as if “boorish” and “sexist” are the same thing?(if you’re going to bring up “objectification”, then at least you have some sort of theory for how this tenuously connects, but it doesn’t really apply to the Megyn Kelly thing, and anyway, this) And what bothers me most about this is that word “openly”. In particular, I worry there’s a certain narrative, which is catnip for the media: Many public figures are secretly virulently racist and sexist.Donald Trump says a thousand times how much he wants to fight for women and thinks he will be a pro-women president, then makes some comments that some people interpret as revealing a deeper anti-women attitude, and all of a sudden he’s openly sexist? If their secret is not discovered, they will gain power and use their racism and sexism to harm women and minorities. My favorite is this article whose headline claims that Ted Cruz “confirmed” that he meant his New York values comment to refer to Jews; the “confirmation” turned out to be that he referred to Donald Trump as having “chutzpah”. Ken Livingstone is tasteless, thoughtless, embarrassing, has his foot in his mouth, is inept, clownish and offensive, and clearly made a blunder of cosmic proportions. When I think “anti-Semitic”, I think of people who don’t like, maybe even hate, Jews.Hitler was ambivalent on the idea but seems to have at least supported some parts of it at some points. (speaking of “his relationship with Jews”, he brings up in his own defense that two of his ex-girlfriends are Jewish) I haven’t seen anyone present any evidence that Livingstone has any different attitudes or policies towards Jews than anyone else in his general vicinity.If Trump thinks women aren’t attractive without big breasts, then His Kink Is Not My Kink But His Kink Is Okay. His secular listeners think “what a wise saying”, and his Christian listeners think “ah, I recognize that as a Bible verse, he must be very Christian”. Nor could somebody who understood his “dog whistles” predict his policy more accurately than somebody who just went off his stated platform.

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