Ideas for dating your spouse

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#1 Your partner suddenly starts spending more time at work. This is one of those things that can creep up on you – especially if your partner is usually a workaholic.

If they’re reluctant to include you in their social life, your partner may be preventing a meeting between you and the work spouse *see #5*, he or she doesn’t want to include you in the circle of friends that includes the work spouse or something incredibly fishy is up![Read: 10 types of friends you want to keep away from your partner] #8 Your partner and their work spouse have more of a history than they initially let on.When “Kate from accounting” becomes “Kate from accounting…But if your wife suddenly starts taking up an interest in EDM and then casually drops that her work spouse DJs as a hobby, that’s something else entirely.[Read: 18 signs your partner is having an emotional affair] That means that your spouse is spending their time trying to become more interesting to another person. Your spouse should be talking to you about their personal issues…A partner may sense that they are getting too close to their work spouse and start using distancing language to indicate that they really don’t like that person all that much. If this person was really as unintelligent, irritating or unappealing as your partner says, why would they be spending so much of their free time with them?

This is a huge red flag: the negativity is hiding something else that’s there.They want to keep that fiction up and they don’t want you to see them acting more charming, witty and cultured than they ordinarily would. Your partner could be telling their work spouse that their marriage is falling apart or that they barely get time to see you.In short, you might catch on to the fact that your partner is acting completely different with their work spouse, and not in an entirely professional manner, to boot. They could even be convincing the work spouse that you’re separated!Work wives and work husbands are the latest trend in relationships: a *theoretically* platonic way in which two colleagues connect with and support each other in high-intensity work environments. [Read: 10 ways two people can have a purely platonic friendship] Signs that something’s up with your partner and the work spouse One or two of the below signs shouldn’t be overly troubling, but more than a few might be cause to worry.But why is it that it’s always a partner of the appealing sex? These signs, though not definitive, may clue you in on whether or not your partner’s relationship with his or her work spouse is more than what it seems.It’s usually when you first start dating someone new.

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