Icloud photostream not updating on pc

11-Apr-2020 02:13 by 3 Comments

Icloud photostream not updating on pc

Recent celebrity attacks may have come from a vulnerability in i Cloud (albeit one that Apple already patched), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some control over where your photos are going when they’re being sent to the ominous sounding ‘cloud’.Consider Photo Stream, i Cloud Backup, and i OS 8.1’s newest addition, i Cloud Photo Library, along with the alternatives, to see what’ll work best for you.

There’s also the option of setting up Wi-Fi Sync between your i Phone and PC connected on the same network.

What happens when you sync your photos using Photo Stream, the new i Cloud Photo Library, or i Cloud backup?

Where do they go, what happens if you stop syncing, and what are your options?

Your Camera Roll is in your i Phone’s local storage, while your Photo Stream contains photos synced across all your i OS devices via i Cloud.

Delete a photo from your Camera Roll, and it sticks around in your Photo Stream. Your Photo Stream isn’t necessarily a traditional back-up though: if you have multiple i OS devices, you’ll be able to access your photos from every device, as long as your Photo Stream is turned on for both.

Backing up your device using i Cloud is more comprehensive than simply the Photo Stream, letting you backup your accounts, documents, and basically your entire i Phone’s settings. If you scroll down, you’ll see the option for i Cloud Backup, which automatically backs up your files and settings when your i Phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. Curiously, the i Cloud Backup is actually less accessible than the i Cloud Photo Library or Photo Stream.

There’s no online resource for you to access the data that’s been backed up; it’s only accessible when you restore an i Phone and log into your i Cloud account.The biggest caveat, of course, is that your i Cloud backup only comes with 5GB of free storage, so if you have more than that and want to automatically backup all your photos, you’ll have to pay for additional storage.Another downside is that it makes it more difficult to curate your photos because they’re all automatically backed up.Either way, there is still cloud access to your photos.I must admit, I don’t think i Cloud is the best backup service for me, mainly because I’m limited to 5GB of free space, which barely scrapes the surface of my Camera Roll.Still, whether you insist on using i Cloud or not, there are ways to protect the photos on your i OS device.

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