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Catalina’s product development often leads to original styling through the creative use of raw materials and manufacturing techniques.

Catalina Home was originally founded in 1975 as a high-end nylon carpet manufacturer under the name Catalina Carpet Mills.It is literally on the side of the road and separated from the other buildings, but beyond its unassuming door, is a restroom that’s worth mentioning.Cafe EITS boasts a rotating menu, but the thing that never changes is the wonderful scenery.Our interest is the high-end niche segment of the market and it’s also our success.Floor covering is a very large industry with many choices and a huge selection of products.It was visually appealing, but a little too salty for my taste, and otherwise, the flavours of the herbs didn’t pop. The roasted herb leg of lamb, served with fresh vegetables and sweet potato croquettes was delicious. The croquettes was a good dance of flavours while the vegetables were fresh and crisp.

And, though it is not the kind of thing that one usually includes in a restaurant review, even the bathroom is an interesting experience, a delightful take on the outhouse of the country experience.

All Catalina Home products are developed to complement one another and work cohesively.

Our goal is to offer a complete product line including all major flooring categories that have total continuity.

The staff and management of Catalina Home have a full-time commitment to servicing the customer first. Strict internal systems provide for quality control to assure customer satisfaction.

Every square foot of all Catalina products are subjected to a number of intense inspections before it receives the stamp of approval.

As the road snaked its way into the Blue Mountains and Kingston seemed to be literally falling away, or at least pieces of the mountain road had, I began to wonder if somehow I had missed EITS (Europe in the Summer) Cafe.