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He looks younger in the other two so I'm assuming the first was taken during WWI, and the second some time after promotion to corporal.The second one also shows a Private who is wearing oversea's/service chevron's on his lower right arm.He is wearing cloth puttees over his trousers and has a lanyard looped through his left shoulder tab, the end of which is attached to his jack knife in his left breast pocket.He has four stripes on his lapel but I have no idea wether that would confirm my dating or not?ANy help much appreciated Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: Hi Richard, I'm no expert in uniforms, but I think the upside down chevrons are for good conduct, so they are presumably late in his army career, for him to have earned so many.Like the first of these two photograph's the photograph was taken pre 1924.

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Included were some pictures of him during his army career.

I sent off to the Mod earlier this year and recieved his service records, so I know he was in the Royal Engineers, joined up aged 19 in 1915.

He was made a lance-corporal (responsible for maintaining a searchlight on the Isle of Wight) by December 1917 when he married my mother, which helps to date the group. Attachment 9063 Attachment 9064 Hope this is some help.

Roger The single upward facing chervon on his lower left arm denotes two and a half to three years good conduct (or as some old swets would have it "two and a half years of never being caught" ).

English Bob that's spot on with his Medal Card and his service records.