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Mail Online has attempted to clarify some of the questions fans are asking: The answer is that Moz the Monster is Joe's imaginary friend.

The company’s advert features a boy asking his mother questions about his dead father as he struggles to find things he has in common with him.

Once they arrive at a Mc Donald’s restaurant and the boy orders Filet-o-Fish burger, his mother says: “That was your dad’s favourite too.” Shocked viewers complained on Twitter, saying using death to sell burgers was “disgusting” and “offensive”. “Not one to be easily offended, but new @Mc Donalds advert is cynical exploitation of a deeply emotional situation for brand promotion," a Twitter user said.

“I lost my father when I was a child and I find the latest Mc Donald's advert disgusting and offensive. : "We wanted to highlight the role Mc Donald’s has played in our customers’ everyday lives – both in good and difficult times.

Although Moz is gone forever, his imaginary friend will always be in his mind.

Joe turns the light off and hears the familiar rumblings of his friend and is reminded that he can bring Moz back any time he thinks of him.

The two minute advert tells a heartwarming story of a little boy called Joe, who is kept awake by a 7ft imaginary Monster called Moz who is living under his bed.

The two form a friendship and play together every evening, but staying awake through the night starts to take its toll on Joe, who can hardly keep his eyes open during the day.

In 2015, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone appeared in advert, The Deliverers, part of which was filmed on Bolton Town Hall steps.

Later that year, The Muppets promoted Warburtons’ Giant Crumpets.

"I have to be honest with you, I don't know too much about being a heart-throb but I do know a lot about heartburn." The advert, for Warburtons Seeded Batch loaf, is not the first time the Bolton business has called upon a famous face to promote its products.

Can you spot all the jokes in Peter Kay's Warburtons advert?

COMEDIAN Peter Kay admits he knows more about heartburn than being a heart-throb in behind the scenes footage from his hilarious Warburtons advertisement.