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Sounds like the basis for a movie, and it's an interesting story I'd use as a cover for being in town in some way.Actually not that many locals still speak Portuguese though most of the signs and buses have Portuguese as well as Chinese.

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Unconvinced, the mother firmly tugged her daughter away from the cuddly temptation and I could hear the whine slowly fade in the distance as the pair disappeared in a sea of shoppers.

Prostittution is huge all over China, seen the ladies with the numbers on them yet? At the Venetian a lot of them seemed to be ladyboys which makes it even worse...

Macau doesn't have free drinks or black jack, so before everyone runs there, know it set up for Chinese not westerners. - Very few Westerners come to Macau, which is good, as you can stand out more.

Woodshop sees the production of big and small projects that go home each year.

We've had campers design and construct folding chairs, bird houses, name plates, chess sets (pictured), coat hooks and all manner of other projects.

If they like anyone they negotiate a price and take them to their hotel.

Now imagine that happening at the Wynn or MGM Grand in Vegas. In part because it's very close to Hong Kong in its capitalistic tendencies this in turn is always a good sign that the populace is more sexually liberated when compared to the more repressive governance found deeper into China.Couple this with the fact that the Chinese middle class in general is going through a sexual revolution now.You definitely could not get by there with Portuguese in terms of talking to locals.I've never partied in Macau but my general impression is that it's like Vegas without the tens of thousands of sluts who drive from CA for the wknd.The Economist recently had a good piece on the Casino patriarchs of Macau.

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