George clooney still dating elisabetta canalis

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George clooney still dating elisabetta canalis - bottle dating site

(CBS) George Clooney's ex girlfriend, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis, may have a new man in her life - she's reportedly moved on from the Academy Award winner with comedian and "Jackass" star Steve-O.The 33-year-old "Dancing with the Stars" alumna was seen out with the 37-year-old Steve-O, reports Us Weekly.

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His humanitarian work includes his advocacy of finding a resolution for the Darfur conflict, raising funds for the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Armenian Genocide recognition, 2004 tsunami, and 9/11 victims, and creating documentaries such as Sand and Sorrow to raise awareness about international crises.

Insiders tell FOX411that his women would never think of bad mouthing Clooney because he treats them so well during their relationship, and never promises more than a brief love affair. Single and Silent Clooney then retreats for period of private relationship mourning. But in reality, he's lining up the next piece of arm candy. Clooney went from spunky sexy Las Vegas cocktail waitress Sarah Larson to the composed Elisabetta Canalis, all curves and pouty Mediteranean lips. New Model Roll Out The public introduction of Clooney’s new gal is meticulous. “The first picture anyone ever saw of George and Stacy was released from Getty. On October 17, George and Stacy went to the New York Film Festival’s premiere of “The Descendants.” “That’s when you know it is serious.

Then he surprised everyone by trading Canalis for an all-American professional wrestler (! when he takes her to a premiere,” the magazine editor said. Clooney was with Sarah Larson for a year, from 2007 to 2008, and Canalis for exactly two years, from June 2009 to June 2011.

While working on ER, he began attracting a variety of leading roles in films, including the superhero film Batman & Robin (1997) and the crime comedy Out of Sight (1998), in which he first worked with director Steven Soderbergh, who would become a long-time collaborator.

In 1999, he took the lead role in Three Kings, a well-received war satire set during the Gulf War.

Canalis was seen out last fall with "True Blood" actor Mehcad Brooks.

Clooney is now dating former WWE star Stacy Keibler, who has been by the actor's side throughout awards season.In between running errands, the two were spotted kissing.Canalis dated Clooney for two years before calling it quits in July.Tell us: What do you think of Canalis and Steve-O's pairing?No man has perfected the art of the girlfriend swap better than George Clooney.George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961) is an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, activist, businessman, and philanthropist.

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