Genevieve gorder dating

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She is currently the host of Genevieve's Renovation, "White House Christmas" and Dear Genevieve on the HGTV cable channel.Genevieve Gorder’s unmistakable style and enthusiasm have made her a multi-award winning talent and one of America’s favorite interior designers.

To add an interesting piece of information about her can be she during her high school days was soccer and violin player.

Gorder resides in Manhattan with her daughter, where she runs her studio and production company.

As on 2017, Genevieve Gorder has a net worth of and is said to be the richest designer in America.

I’ve built a life around this show,” she shares in a post on Instagram following Wednesday’s group reveal. I am so proud of it and I never look down on it.” While she knows that the original cast chemistry can’t be replicated — “It was lightning in a bottle,” she admitted — her enthusiasm in the video shows she’s ready to bring the beloved reality show into its new era.

“I’m so grateful to all of your who watched this in the beginning, I hope you all come back.” RELATED: Where Are They Now: Catch Up with the Original Stars of Although the New York-based talent has been busy since the series ended in 2008, hosting and appearing on multiple HGTV shows, she’s always kept a special place in her heart for her original gig. WATCH THIS: ‘ Hunky New Carpenter “I hope we bring in the next generation of kids who need to know what design is,” she says.

An alumna of The School of Visual Arts, Gorder has worked in studios throughout Europe and New York City.

Currently, Genevieve designs for her new series Genevieve’s Renovation.

Gorder was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to single mother Diana Drake.

Whereas Tyler is a Canadian being born in Edmonton, Canada.

He also thinks that there is no time for falling in love, one can fall for anyone in one day or one month or sometimes a year. He also thinks that there is no time for falling in love, one can fall for anyone in one day or one month or sometimes a year. It seems that Tyler and Genevieve's relationship was not going very well as the couple has to split due to some unforeseeable differences between them.

They split up in 2013 after spending seven years together.

Genevieve Gorder and Tyler Harcott were considered power couple among their fans but it seems the theory was also outdated for them as well.