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Specifically, Drake’s all-encompassing obsession with black women is a refreshing change of pace at a time when beauty standards are still far from inclusive.

Because nothing says “I’m not pathetic” like digging through your folder of “pictures that make it look like Rihanna and I are together.”The ballad of Rihanna and Aubrey is the perfect encapsulation of Drake’s thirst.In essence, Drake makes a great wifey—in fact, he hasn’t played a role this convincingly since he was a teenage paraplegic.But Drake gets himself into trouble when he trades his self-imposed servitude for the single life.While the rapper’s unadulterated adoration is admirable, it’s also a bit much. For evidence of Drake’s thirst, look no further than how the man acts every time he manages to score a girlfriend.Drake embodies the rom-com trope of the girl who suffocates her man by taking him engagement ring shopping on the second date.As a chastised Drake pulled back from his attempted mouth-to-mouth, Rihanna appeared to scold him, muttering, “That wasn’t funny.”VMA viewers expected to hear the famously flattering Drake pull out some characteristically cheesy compliments.

We didn’t expect to watch Drake stare at Rihanna like he had been wandering through the desert for forty years and she was water (to be fair, this is one of the only acceptable ways to look at Rihanna).

Drake thought that the fact that Rihanna let him follow her around for eight years and occasionally put his crotch near her butt during video shoots meant that they ought to be an item.

Like so many lurkers before him, Drake used the readily available tool of persistent proximity.

When he wasn’t trying to gaslight Rihanna, Drake ran through a handful of girlfriends who were actually willing to admit that they were dating him.

The best example of a wifed-up Drake comes courtesy of the Serena Williams era.

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is many things: a rapper, a strip club owner, and the guy who famous women hire to grind up on in their music videos.

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