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The high-grade silicone doll, created by Realbotix and called Harmony 2.0, is believed to be the first equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.It has 18 changeable personality traits that can take it from being 'shy' to 'intellectual' to 'sexual' in a matter of moments.

The amount of people saying we shouldn’t be doing the story is outweighed by those who say it’s so important to show it, and those who come forward as a result and say that they were abused and our storyline has helped them talk about it.

I had two scenes before we filmed that, then after we’d done it I could go home. I think it would have been quite difficult, doing other different scenes after that one because it was quite upsetting. She tells him ‘No’, that she’s not that kind of girl.

But he just lies her on the bed and I had to cry and put myself in that position. There’s been no nudity or anything that shouldn’t be on at that time.

When we spoke to ‘Lucy’, there were scenes where she said, ‘I don’t think this would happen, this would happen instead’. And she said she thought pornographic pictures would be involved, which we hadn’t had previously. She gave a lot of input into how she thought the story would play out.

A sex doll company that's been making products for those searching a more 'intimate' experience has fashioned its most realistic creation yet - a robot that can speak and be programmed with a personality.

There have also been lots of parties where we’ve had lots of men there and that’s been quite uncomfortable.

When we did the bedroom scene with Neil I was only in for the morning.

Time to show off those squats you've been doing!

This position creates a snug fit, so your guy’s stuff will seem even larger (good for him) and penetration more intense (great for you).

Probably the most uncomfortable scene has been the one where Bethany is in the bedroom with Neil.

The guy who plays Neil, Ben, is really nice but the scene itself was horrific.

’ She doesn’t know what’s going on and feels that she’s cheated on him. He’s quite cool with her and part of her wants to talk about it, she mentions it and Nathan’s like, ‘OK – shut up. Later on she hears him on the phone to Neil and he says to her, ‘I know what happened and it’s fine – you did good.’ Bethany’s very confused and the whole week is just a complete headf**k for her. Bethany wants to go home and she wants Sarah to be a strict mum but Sarah’s deliberately being cool on Gary’s advice.