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Fuck sms chats - cute dating ideas for teenagers

Most of these phrases were things like "FUCKING BLONDE", "GET ON THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIP YOU SHIT", etc. By the end of the movie there were under 5 people in the Instasynch chat. Initially, the gang was supposed to watch the first High School Musical, but all of the videos of the movie were on cheap teases for people to shove their site link into. Anyway, about an hour before the movie began, nearly 20 members of SMS gathered to watch Michael Rosen YTPs on Instasynch as sort of "commercials" preceding the movie. Such as: Creepy Old Man Who Wants To Marry A Girl Who's At Least 50 Years Younger Than Him!

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Luigi Dude surprisingly had a relatively easy time finding the full movie on You Tube, though others didn't have the same experience. Then another sex scene happened and people went apeshit again.

But about an hour in Fakeman saved the day by creating a new host locked room where everyone enjoyed the shittiness thoroughly for 30 minutes. Some thought that Shrek The Third was not a bad movie, or had watched it too much, so most left. And others from your favorite movie production company....

There were few people around for the movie, but those who were watching constantly posted quotes from the movie and made-up phrases.

Johnny speaks some very memorable quotes during this that the chat glorifies, like "DON'T TOUCH ME MOTHAFUCKER! She has Johnny listen to the call and Johnny goes absolutely insane, yelling quotable sayings such as "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and proceeding to scream "YEW BITCH". The movie abruptly cut off, causing the chat to go into an uproar until Luigi Dude found the actual ending. Everybody had pretty much left Luigi Dude's Instasync because they had been told by some fuckfan that SMS had been postponed until Sunday. Everyone's going "wha de fack is dis i tot i twats consoled!!!! But the important part of this overview is the movie. We open with 762 company splash art animations because obviously everyone wanted their grubby little hands on this piece of shit. The truly fucked thing about this movie is that the moral is "hey people die you fucking idiots".

" and "YHEW BEEECCHH", along with "YOU BASTARRRRRRRRRRDDD!!! After that some stuff happens and Johnny's bitch wife calls Mark. The ending featured a montge of events in the movie, with a hilarious MS Paint censored sign during the porno scene. Johnny's forehead is kissed, which the chat responds with "GAY! After the movie, most went back to LMR chat or to bed or wherever, while around 10 stayed for the after party of random movies as usual. The scene we are greeted with is some nerd screaming at a pregnant woman to kill a serial time murderer. Then this pregnant chick totally beats like 7 guys up, breaks her water, but continues to keep fighting. (Please note: Shitty Movie Saturdays does not agree with the notion that a pregnant woman does not face pain and that the experience is a funny punchline) Time serial murderer dude gets arrested and taken to prison(?

For example, the bar that the main character walks into has the camera man hold on to a shot of its sign for far, far, FAR too long. And the song isn't even cut up, it's a full fucking music video!

The watchers also were amused by the pathetic sound quality and repetitive music, specifically after something that has nothing remotely to do with the plot that is great happens to the characters. The group had gone insane after a "jellyfish" (and that term was used lightly) had "stung" our very important 3rd or 4th or whatever blonde girl character, and everyone thought that the scene after that one was just as abysmal.

The anime was regarded as laughable, from the soundtrack replaying over and over, to the terrible voice acting (especially Princess Peach), and even the character's personalities (specifically Luigi). This prompted those users to join Metal Sanic's room instead. So he decided he would look for the second place finisher, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Here's a small collection: "Why don't you go jump off a cliff?!

After the movies had finished, some stayed for watching more videos while others went back to LMR Chat. He found a "full movie" at around , which was after the scheduled movie start time.

After the main event, almost everyone stayed for the "after party".

Most of the videos played were John Cena parodies, anime parodies, MLG videos, You Tube Poops, and the like.

They throw the ball around like pansies in their tuxedos and look like fools, which makes the chat go insane with football quotes. We get to meet the whole family of fuckface annoying stupid ass characters! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH WOW DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE HOLY SHIT STOP HITTING ME WITH THESE EPIC TWISTS, SPY KIDS WRITERS! I think it might be too unfair that I had to suffer through this shitty plot without you guys so I'll fill you in a little bit: Husband guy is the host for some "expose" show. And who did his wife, who is a spy, decide to marry? We pick up on our heroes at about 8 PM, as everyone starts piling into Luigi's Instasync to watch the famed 7.8 masterpiece Star Wars Holiday Special. The narrator introduces the actors, even the ones inside the costumes like Chewie and C3PO. Why does space get a special fucking Christmas holiday name?

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