From just friends to dating

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From just friends to dating

Communication – It is important to communicate well about friendships with the opposite sex. Think about your various friendships, and discuss together what roles you want them to continue to play in your lives. Keep in mind that some people may be jealous and are uncomfortable with their partner spending time with the opposite sex friends, but others won’t have an issue as there is a strong trust between you.

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Can you be a friend with the opposite sex when in a relationship?This week, as the top online millionaire dating site, we’ve asked our Luxyers this question.Results show that 84% of people who voted said that you can be friends with someone of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship. Though Luxyers might be the highest quality and richest users in the online dating niche, their opinion is quite different from what I supposed. The golden rule I believe is that true friendship between man and woman can only exist between the two people who think their levels are way higher than each other.While she misses her former friend dearly, she says she would be careful while getting into such a relationship again to avoid hurting anyone or being hurt.Vickie who has since moved on, suspects that the rising cases of suicides or murders supposedly by "jilted lovers" may be as a result of misinformation and the aggrieved party acting out of assumption."There were no secrets between us," she recalls and notes that it was only logical then to tell him when a man in their neighbourhood approached her to be his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the "platonic friend" received the news with jealous and fury; he walked out on her leaving her mystified at their usual coffee shop.

Bottom line: For whatever reason, if a guys is not pursuing you, then you need to let it go.

And when you do, you free yourself up for the real thing—real and lasting love, not an emotional entanglement.

But, it’s best that between you, some principles are set.

By doing this, you can maintain your friendships so that your relationship doesn’t threaten the connection you have with your friends.

Be flexible – Don’t be strict on the rules you have set up. That way, your relationship can be guided by certain principles about how to interact with people of the opposite sex while allowing you to adjust as you grow together and as your relationship evolves.