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Several Airbnb hosts have placed hidden cameras in rental properties to secretly record activities, to the horror of guests who discovered the devices and realized they were being watched.

The complete photography solution Edit, manage, and showcase your images in Lightroom and roundtrip back to Photoshop for pixel-level editing and compositing.

Download: Mac, Win Adobe® Lens Profile Creator is a free utility that enables the easy creation of lens profiles for use in the Photoshop family of products, such as Photoshop CC, the Camera Raw plug-in, and Lightroom.

A lens profile describes the types of optical aberrations that exist in a particular lens and prescribes how to correct the lens distortions in an image captured from the same lens.

An Indiana couple traveling in Florida noticed that what appeared to be a smoke detector above the bed was actually a camera that was saving to an SD card for later viewing, ABC reports.

Both of the hosts in those instances were banned from Airbnb for life.“When we are made aware of a report, we permanently ban the bad actor from our platform, fully support those affected and work with law enforcement to help ensure justice will be served,” Airbnb spokesman Jeff Henry told .

Raw file formats are extremely popular in digital photography workflows because they offer creative professionals greater creative control.

However, cameras can use many different raw formats — the specifications for which are not publicly available — which means that not every raw file can be read by a variety of software applications.Together, Lightroom and Photoshop offer the most complete digital photography solution.The Adobe DNG Converter, a free utility that converts files from more than 600 cameras to DNG, enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files to a more universal DNG raw file.Hidden camera issues aren’t just a problem for Airbnb.The hospitality industry has long dealt with safety concerns related to illegal surveillance.The DNG SDK provides support for reading and writing DNG files as well as for converting DNG data to a format that is easily displayed or processed by imaging applications.

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