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In September 2017, the birth of a calf raised the population to 19.The park has dedicated rhino monitoring teams to protect the animals from poaching.

The agreement calls for South African experts to assess the habitat, local management capabilities, security and the infrastructure before the transfer can take place.

Its occurrence further to the west is questionable, though often purported to in literature.

Today it is totally restricted to protected nature reserves and has vanished from many countries in which it once thrived, especially in the west and north of its former range. Some specimens have been relocated from their habitat to better protected locations, sometimes across national frontiers.

The other African rhinoceros is the white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum).

The word "white" in the name "white rhinoceros" is often said to be a misinterpretation of the Afrikaans word ) meaning wide, referring to its square upper lip, as opposed to the pointed or hooked lip of the black rhinoceros.

In October 2017, The governments of Chad and South Africa reached an agreement to transfer six black rhinos from South Africa to Zakouma National Park in Chad.

Once established, this will be the northernmost population of the species.

Black rhinoceros are generally thought to be solitary, with the only strong bond between a mother and her calf.

In addition, males and females have a consort relationship during mating, also subadults and young adults frequently form loose associations with older individuals of either sex.

Such a skull is known to have existed and Linnaeus even mentioned India as origin of this species. The two species evolved from the common ancestral species Ceratotherium neumayri during this time.

However he also referred to reports from early travellers about a double-horned rhino in Africa and when it emerged that there is only one, single-horned species of rhino in India, "Rhinoceros" bicornis was used to refer to the African rhinos (the white rhino only became recognised in 1812). The clade comprising the genus Diceros is characterised by an increased adaptation to browsing.

The white rhinoceros has square lips used for eating grass.

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