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We discussed how willpower — a vital psychological component in becoming a healthy, well-rounded adult — can be eroded by many excesses.

So, I started buying all sorts of extras at the start of November and now he also has a sack full of clothes, toys and books to the tune of £200.The upshot of all this can be an almighty power struggle on Christmas morning.The simple act of present-giving all too often exposes simmering tensions between the generations, which boil down to disagreements over the very act of parenting.Desperate, I resorted to making things: chocolates for my mother and a tie for my father, which the poor man then felt he had to wear, despite my complete lack of skill with a needle and thread.My goodness, how those days have gone — as these fascinating family stories show.Roles in many families have changed, with grannies increasingly being asked to step into the role of mother during the week as more women juggle their children and career.

The roles between the two women are now blurred, and one way of asserting ‘motherhood’, especially at Christmas, is to buy big pressies.

’ I just have a wry smile to myself as the urge to spoil my grandsons is irresistible.

I can’t wait until Dylan, Freddie and Finley are old enough to enjoy the magic of Father Christmas.

Some mothers shower their little ones in gifts, much to their own thrifty mother or mother-in-law’s disapproval.

Other grannies delight in indulging their grandchildren, often in a way they didn’t with their own offspring, much to the horror of the children’s mother.

But there are serious consequences of indulging children in this way, no matter who is doing the spoiling.

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