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Approximately a minute later, the Albanians show up and park their car on the pavement opposite the hardware store.

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Niko's cousin, Roman, brought Niko to Liberty City with a bunch of false promises.Roman has to leave after a quick chat with Niko, but invites him to meet him later at the taxi depot.After the cutscene, various instructions are given on how to save the game and how to store cars at the safehouse.This is your first safehouse, and you can save the game here at any time providing you aren't in the middle of a mission.In the first few missions of the game, pay close attention to the instructions on the screen which tell you how to control Niko and operate basic functions with the cellphone.To help clear an NHS backlog he agreed to study standard X-rays at £4 per film outside of his normal job hours, which ended at 5pm.

But jurors heard he did the overtime work in his normal day instead, then often submitted the extra reports at 5.01pm, claiming the £4 overtime for each one.

Sue Frith, managing director of NHS Protect, said: 'John Coffey abused his position of trust as a Consultant Radiologist to defraud the NHS of nearly £24,000.'That much could have paid a nurse for a year.'In one day in March 2014, between 11.20am and 5pm, Coffey reviewed and reported on 100 plain film x-rays during the day but submitted them after 5pm - resulting in a £400 loss to the NHS.

The court heard that the fraud investigation showed this was not a one-off.

Roman escapes through the back door of the hardware store, but the loan sharks soon become aware of his presence.

Your task is simple - lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot to complete the mission. Roman receives a phone call from Mallorie, who needs a lift at Hove Beach with her friend. Take Roman's cab and pick up the girls at the Hove Beach subway station.

Once you have control of Niko, drive back to the "mansion" on Mohawk Avenue, Hove Beach, and stop in the yellow marker to trigger the cutscene.

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