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We all want to feel loved and appreciated as we try to work as a team together to resolve issues and move towards building a future together.But, sometimes it’s not possible to be the best girlfriend a guy has ever had while he’s deciding to step up or step out.

He also affirmed that with time, he knows he made the right decision to commit to me.

From my perspective, I appreciate his desire to be honest with me and have no wish to punish him for it.

But you have more experience and insight, and I’m sure myself and other female readers would benefit from your thoughts on this. So much for “just knowing.” I don’t know how long you’ve been with your boyfriend, Margaret. Pat Allen – who told me to dump my wife or I’d end up cheating on her. Yes, I was admitting that it was in the realm of possibility that we might not get married.

He was the first to bring up the ‘what do you want with dating’ talk, and I answered honestly that I was looking for a committed exclusive relationship.

He followed up by pursuing me hard, committing to me and taking down his profile in quick succession and introducing me to his friends as his girlfriend.

I agree with your reassurance to Margaret that things are looking favorable, but it would be best for her to keep up the communication with her boyfriend, work on her own doubts and fears, and hopefully the two of them will love each other enough to give it a go.

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In fact, he has ticked all the boxes that you mentioned in what a man should do for his girlfriend.

He is by no means an alpha Marlboro guy and my younger self would have found flaws in him, but my older self agrees with your philosophy in being with the man who treats you well and wants to be with you.

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– and I have no desire to punish him for his honesty in any way or to use it to guilt him.

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