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Khaled is a Cairene who owns a farm and agricultural land in the Delta.He says many of the men living in the village have pornographic channels installed on their television receiver.

I like the link made between internet use and the increasing rates of infidelity and divorce.The article also relies on using several expert opinions that are well chosen who support the argument being made.However, I have several concerns regarding the article.The surveyed sample of youth is either students from Upper Egypt or those from The American University in Cairo; I think choosing two different extremes biases the results and views somehow.I think more middle class, averaged Egyptians should have been survey instead.“In any chatting room on Yahoo in Arabic, you will find men and women discussing sex openly,” said Maha Fayed, a mass communications student at AUC.

“The man looks for a woman for one night,” said Fayed, adding that even prices are settled online that welcome new members “interested in meeting new people for online chat” is a clear indicator of the growing demand for online love.

“These movies are so provocative and these people are so ignorant that of course it has a great deal of effect on them,” Khaled said.

This article is a true reflection of how youth and people in general use the internet in Egypt.

“It is definitely a common complaint that the husband is getting his sexual satisfaction through the Internet, from chatting or from porno sites,” said Barbari, adding that this trend plays a factor in the breakup of relationships.

“Women have been living with this and now are talking about it,” she added.

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