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We join her seven weeks into her mission and stood dirty and sweating in front of a huge block of stone; and by block of stone I mean a Buckingham Palace size block of stone!She has measured it using her scientific tools, exactly 400m square and 15m high, and not a single crack, fissure, opening, entry point anywhere that she could find.

Take the jeep as far as it could possibly go to the seven o'clock point of her area of interest, then spend one week on foot exploring in towards centre.By day she researched and studied, by night she worked out, honed her body into absolute athletic physical perfection; and studied and practiced martial arts.To be fair to Chastity she certainly wasn't stupid; she knew this would be hard work and dangerous.Then again with the jeep from the nine o'clock point, eleven, one etc.If she completed the clock and found nothing, then it was back home to Blighty with her tail between her legs to work in Starbucks.She had discovered and developed her own theory and was committed to proving it.

She had found certain artefacts that were common between south west, south east and central Africa from burial sites dating back to 4000BC.She was right, all her research, her theorising, her hunches; this is a new uncharted civilisation.Not a pyramid or any other known build style or technique predating Christ; this, here in southern Africa; is simply unexplainable. Just one of the things she cannot understand though is its appearance; the whole area is so overgrown by nature but nothing, absolutely nothing growing within ten foot of the building. There is a river running out from three different parts of the right side of the building and joining together into one big river and turning through a waterfall cascading down a slope then turning again across the front of the building.She gives the phallus a good clean knowing where it is about to go and gripping it she suddenly pauses; it was as though it pulsed, even maybe throbbed in her hand; "No" she thinks, "I have been away too long, I am losing it!" Looking around just to make certain nobody can see this, like as if; and feeling suddenly very naughty; she climbs up and placing her lips on the tip of the phallus she kisses it and says out loud "Honey, please be gentle with me, I will give you a good time, I promise" and kisses it again; then gripping the hand-holds she starts her climb.There are tears coming from the eyes but Chastity has found a clay pipe under the river water line on higher ground and has assumed this is feeding the totem pole.

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