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But in Kings Cross, along with the strippers, the callgirls and other associated misfits we were at the heart of Sydney’s then exciting nightlife.

Learn about the glamour, the battles, the pain, the resilience, the love.He is a visible and out trans man who wants to make things better for our community and entertain you along the way.It seems little known now, that way back in the late 1970s our little part of the world here in Sydney experienced a phenomenon with the existence of a subculture of transgender women in such large numbers that remains unexplainable.Relate to their aspirations for success, family and belonging and be moved and inspired by their advocacy and ability to stand proud and claim their place in the world.Trans Stories Speakers include: Mama Alto, AJ Brown, Karen Chant, Chrissy Doyle, Lisa Freshwater, Peta Friend, Katherine Maver, Kaya Wilson and Colleen Windsor Directed by Lisa Freshwater Conceived and Produced by Peta Friend for Trans Sydney Pride This one-off performance will run for approx. Meet the storytellers: Karen is a true pioneer and living legend in the history of Sydney drag.Join the THICK ‘N’ JUICY party family in Sydney to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Mardi Gras with a massive Sunday party, serving high-profile local and international DJs / performers and hundreds of sexy friendly men from around the world!

Hosted by Julie Mc Crossin, in conversation with activists Betty Hounslow, Teddy Cook, Sally Rugg and Imam Nur Warsame.

Katherine is an experienced Senior Project Manager, who is a member of the Complex Programme Management practice within IBM.

She is highly respected within IBM as a person who is driven and can deliver projects without the compromise of quality.

The discussion will bring together the voices of some very different experiences in these struggles, including Mardi Gras pioneer Robyn Laverack; Kurnai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta woman and queer writer Nayuka Gorrie; and young feminist campaigner Anna Hush, together in conversation with University of Melbourne political scientist Sarah Maddison.

From the gay liberation movement to the queer politics of today, this panel examines the intersections of feminism, queer, trans*, race, age and Indigenous sovereignty, taking up the most pressing questions of how we can do better as a movement that is committed to justice and equality for all. In this unforgettable Queer Thinking co-presentation with Trans Sydney Pride a diverse range of transgender people will share their personal truth and inner world in an evening of storytelling.

He is part English, part African and wholly Australian.

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