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I understand it all falls under the 'Tom Ford' name but after ten years we deserve to know the truth! A fine pick from the private line's greatest hits collection. It doesn't throw punches at people like some of Tom Ford's louder scents. Anyway back to the performance of the scent, it smells like a mixture of pat-vanilla-rose, and so far I cannot smell oud or chocolate in any of its phase.It's an earthy rose infused with cacao and refined patchouli. There is definitely a hint of chocolate but it's far from gourmand. But it does seem a little weak, and if I'm going to spend that kind of money I want something with a little more oomph. I purchased this perfume back in August, and I was saving it for a rather special occasion. My nose is acoustomed to oud, and so far, I detect none.

Take 3 - Morticia is preparing some mysterious potion consisting of dried saffron, vanilla seeds & tuber essence. A bit of saffron in the beginning then the rich dark rose blooms in full splendor. I grew up in the middle east, and I reckon that a majority of the Saudi people I encountered wear Nd N.Quite possibly both the sexiest and most sexual fragrance I have ever encountered. I bought Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu and got TF Noir De Noir as a sample bottle.I layered them wearing them to a work night out Christmas party and within 10 minutes had my first compliment from a passing woman who told me I smelled amazing to the consternation of her partner.PRIVATE BLEND is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur n mind." Tom Ford Anyone interested in buying Noir de Noir?I love it so much unfortunately I get a headache after a while of wearing it. It has its packaging and is in excellent condition as I mention it was hardly taken out of the box. Noir de Noir smells like blood red rose petals, merlot, dark chocolates filled with liqeur, satin lingerie, bed sheets after sex, and a touch of a man's cologne and sweat (patchouli/oud) on warm skin.Champagne bubbling up and wine flowing down our throats.

And my Noir de Noir will be wafting through the air as I pass on my way to the dance floor.

What was even better is that she was a very classy looking lady with a younger better looking partner than me.

I felt like I owned the evening, layering in a little level of conceit and confidence.

This Friday, the 21st, will be my 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend, and I feel that Nd N is the perfect scent. Perhaps I need to compound the number of sprays to get a full effect of this magical potion.

I have worn this whilst testing it in store, but never a true, full wear. This stuff is potent, and I find that one spray can give me a projection of 3-4 feet.

I became the man in the advert, I was transported outwith myself with this scent; I became the rose and the patchouli, I became the antihero of the evening. yes, as with this scent you are every mans nemesis a threat to his insecurities. 2017 - bought my bottle today especially for an upcoming event - a Masquerade Ball!

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