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To a sighted player, it's essentially a goofy RPG that draws heavily from Golden Sun and Suikoden, that utilizes a lot of different weird parts of a computer that people don't normally think about (most notably text to speech) to express parts of the game.The story is primarily about colors, yes, but there are blind characters in the game and more importantly the story is about how a society surrounding color causes people who can experience color to essentially be controlled by it, while the blind are rejected for not understanding it, but are free from the binds of seeing life in color.

The Game is an an RPG with mechanics based around HTML colors.

The game is completely sound based and can be played without even a monitor!

Braillemon is currently in the early stages of development, but it has many testers to ensure the quality of the code.

You can play Eurofly with a joystick instead of keyboard control. Braillemon is a port of Pokemon, Pokmon Red and Blue, a role-playing video game for Nintendo's Game Boy.

Do you want to feel more like a pilot in a real aircraft cockpit? being developed for those with visual impairments or blindness.

If you want to be a hunter, killing pray and storing it as trofies, you can!

If you want to be very social in the game and meat many new people, do that!

The game will be free to play for the single player mode though.

This is because servers are expensive, after all, and this is honestly a huge endeavour.

Role play is not forced in this game, but if you decide to do it, you can start some quite awesome adventures!

This game has many things you can do, with more being added all the time!

If yes, a joystick or flight controller is the right choice for you. To learn how to play the game, press T for the tutorial. To changed the volume of the in-game music, use your page up and page down keys. Red and Blue are in a third-person view, overhead perspective and consist of three basic screens: an overworld, in which the player navigates the main character; a side-view battle screen; and a menu interface, in which the player configures his or her Pokmon, items, or gameplay settings.

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