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It looked just right enough than someone not looking extremely closely would not notice the slight difference in the email address, or the fact his name did not quite match to those associated with the agency.

He said that he will send all pics and video to all my friends and he could find my workplace and send pictures there too.

Then he threatened to register me on a pornographic website as a 'cam girl' with all my contacts'He wrote me saying he was a scout of the Italian model agency Urban Management,' Julia recalled.

'If someone is contacted to be a model, check they are working for a reputable agency and contact that agency to verify this person works there, also check the email address of the person is from the agency that they claim to be from and not another address,' Steve said.

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A man has now been arrested in connection with the incidents, which number into the hundreds Of course, Steve had no idea of this - until a worried mother contacted him. My name is Chris and I am the owner of a model agency.

As with the other scams, the girl did the interview and stripped off in front of the camera, only to be told afterwards he had recorded everything. Currently I am travelling around and looking for new faces to represent

Aspirations: The pervert uses the girls' dreams of a life in front of the camera or on the catwalk to manipulate them.

Steve Dellar, of Oui Management, was contacted by between 100 and 200 girls the man had approached'He made a copy of all my friend list on social websites, in a case I deleted them.

If you agreed, I am going to come over at your place, so we could talk about the details and if this go good, I would ask you to sign a contract.

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